June 23, 2017

“If you want to have a million dollar business, build million dollar relationships”

Started the day off quite late because I was working late last night to help David fine tune his iMarkets Live funnel. For two hours.

All good – Woke up and realized that I had a call scheduled with Gill – a mentor who I’ve met while I was crewing for an Unleash the Power Within event.Gill

This is us a couple months back with him at the Ritz Carlton when we drove up to LA.

He mentioned that BEFORE THE CALL, I should have my business plan for Strategic Advantage all written up so he can look over it.

Now I felt rushed.

So along with this 23 day old agency, I’ve NEVER written a business plan before in my life!

I started scavenging across the internet looking for references on how I could build a business plan, then I came across this site that structures business plans called PlanBuildr.

Now, notice it’s not hyperlinked. Let me tell you why.

After working on my business plan for maybe half an hour, PlanBuildr all of a sudden HITS ME WITH A PITCH

They Got Me

So in order for me to access what everything I’ve wrote while I rushed urgently to make the deadline before the call, I had to put my credit card in for a free trial!

I was not impressed.

So I selecte the free trial, and there they go again!


They hit me with a pitch before I got my free trial even finished!

Maaaaan, I was really not impressed at this time.

Eventually, 30 years later, I was able to get my business plan downloaded and sent over to Gill.

Business Plan


Blue and white, good lookin’ colors. Also, from a neurolinguistic programming background, blue and white are the most friendly to the unconscious mind.

Just thought I’d drop that in there.

So when it was time to call, I was ready – now Gill is the type of person that he’ll be really blunt and honest with you and have you realize whether or not you’re messing up or not.

He may be what others consider really upfront, but as he’s giving feedback, you can really tell his intentions are pure and he definitely wants the best for us.

Blessed to have a mentor like him.

We then spoke and he mentioned that he wasn’t in the office today, so we’d have to reschedule the call for Sunday, which I’m completely okay with.

. . .

I then head over to La Jolla because I had set up lunch with this lovely woman over here

Momma Robin

We call her, “Momma Robin” – Met her also at the same Unleash the Power Within Tony Robbins event that we met Gill in.

(That’s definitely a hint – If you’re ever finding yourself wondering where do all the high level performers hang out, it’s at a Tony Robbins event for sure)

Momma Robin is one of the top producing Real Estate agents out in Phoenix Arizona, built her Real Estate dynasty from the ground up while being a single mother of two kids.

If there’s one thing that I know I’m getting really good at, it’s REACHING UP in terms of finding people who have more experience than I have.

The Law of Association says you’re a product of the 5 people you hang around most – and with Momma Robin, Gill, Christina and Anthony (who was previously featured in this 30 day agency blog), I’m grateful that I have even snippets of these people’s time.

Whether or not anything happens within these next 30 days, we know business is a long term game, and with these people on my team, so long as I continue working hard, success is inevitable.

As I’m speaking to Momma Robin, she’s got such a servant heart and she wants to do everything she can to help us get to Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery event this coming August, because she knows this will take our businesses to the next level, and default, our lives to the next level, as it did for her, Gill, and plenty of other people.

Creativity follows commitment – I put the down payment for business mastery, now we got some skin in the game. I’m looking to go for gold at this event, and one of the biggest reasons for having this agency in the first place is to create a cash cow so I can attend events like these.

She mentioned she shares a network of high net worth people, and would be more than happy to send over referrals for chiropractors, plastic surgeons, so on and so forth.

By the sound of our conversation, she’s just as committed to helping us get to business mastery as we are in attending. (I say we, as in the people in the photo with Gill up top, we’ve all committed to going)

Definitely blessed to have her.

Also, much of what we have going on is strategizing what the next moves are for the agency for these next couple days.


We’re parked out here at the coffee shop in La Jolla enjoying the sunset by the beach, and deeply thinking things through.

. . .

So I’ve done some strategizing, and I’m thinking about what I can do to make the best out of these next 7 days

Obviously focusing on what matters most – prospecting (which by the way, we got some takers on LinkedIn, Ill show you in a moment)

But also preparing for the next phase in the business.

I sometimes feel like I’ve cornered myself, almost putting myself in a position where if I didn’t hit my goal in 30 days life is over – when that really isn’t the case!

It’s really just begun – so I’ve started to focus on the future, and foresight, WHILE not letting go of this goal.

No more truer words have been said than by Dan Casetta:

“The purpose of a goal isn’t to hit the goal. The real purpose is to develop yourself into the type of person who can achieve your goals, regardless of whether you can hit that particular one or not.

It is WHO YOU BECOME, by giving it EVERYTHING YOU HAVE until the last moment – regardless of your results – that matters most.”

Dan Casetta everybody!

Now I don’t know who he is, but those words drive a groove real deep in my soul.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished today:

The direction of the company through a business plan and speaking with Robin.

Here’s what I’ve been strategizing lately – social media optimization.

Optimizing Facebook Ads – I definitely should have got this up and running A LOT sooner than I am run now.

That’s actually the meat and potatoes of the JR Rivas Scaling Your Agency to $10,000 in 45 Days Masterclass.

Scaling Your Agency

In regards to Facebook, I’d need to be creating a company Facebook Page

Instagram, got that set up and running

I’m going to be using the app “Later” to automate everything that I got going on for Instagram.

Rohan Sheth’s Master Class on The Expert’s Guide to Instagram Marketing will be getting that covered for me.

Expert's Guide to IG Marketing



I’m going to have to go with Alex Schlinsky’s Automating and Scaling Your Business with LinkedIn Prospecting using LinMailProLinkedIn Master Class

Pretty much, to sum it up, we’re going all in with prospecting and treating it like an ALL DAY THING – I just need to plan and organize the launch so that we’re ready for fulfillment!

I’m a little nervous, and a little excited for everything we got going on.

We’re looking to be the BEST AGENCY in helping the medical profession with their Facebook Ads.

Let’s get it!

What is up and coming:

  • Lock in down on how to perform an effective consultation through Entrepreneur Alliance and Prospecting on Demand
  • Hosting (DONE!)
  • Create a google slide presentation for dentists and chiropractors

Here are a list of funnel projects in the pipeline:

  • Hailey’s Funnel (Done!)
  • David CPM (90% Done, need to figure out hosting and little tweaks)
  • David IML (Done!)
  • Christina Spa (Done until further notice)
  • Backflow Preventer (Done until further notice)
  • Miro’s 2 T Shirt Funnels (Done until further notice)
  • Miro’s Digital Marketing Agency (Need Miro’s feedback on what I have)
  • Jonathan APR Free (Will follow up with Jonathan soon)
  • My own funnel for Strategic Advantage (DONE)

Things to keep in the back of my mind:

  • Pay Funnels – I will be using this soon once I land a client.
  • Incorporation – DONE
  • UpWork

Eyes on the Prize:

Scaling my Digital Marketing Agency to $10,000 in 30 days.

Check the strategizing rant up above!

We’ll be preparing. For now, my battery on my laptop is at 4% and I have no charger or outlet close by.

Until tomorrow.



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