June 24, 2017

Friends. . . Fundamentals . . . and a Ferrari?!

So I’m going to be writing both June 24 and June 25 in past tense, only because I got so caught up and the last couple of days have DEFINITELY been a power packed last couple of days!

Let me update you guys!

Morning NLP

So I started the morning off with these two, Joe and Christina Moffett!

Now when I think about Joe and Christina, they are two of the most incredible people I believe on planet earth. Incredible energy, they actually just radiate when I’m with the both of them!

They invited me over to their place in Del Mar (Yes, Del Mar San Diego, the nice part of town) because they are preparing to get their Master Practitioner Certification in NLP as well, so they thought they would invite me over to help them prepare.

We went through a session on what I believe is one of the most powerful areas of the field of study, and they were definitely impressed!

Left them on a cliff wanting more, and they’re inviting me back over again next Saturday morning!

A little bit about Joe and Christina, I met them at a couple different events, a prosperity and wealth event here in San Diego, and again at an NLP even that I was assisting for in Los Angeles.

Both of them are coaches for Tony Robbins, and they have their own brand called Master Life by Design where they take on private coaching clients.

This was definitely a win win morning for me, I got to teach them something I’m absolutely passionate about, and being around them is definitely such a blessing because I’m learning a lot from them, and they were putting me in contact with some of the most incredible people in their network.

We then had lunch with the both of them, and one of the wealthiest people in all of San Diego – Simon Lovell, CEO of Fitpreneurs.

A Wealthy Lunch

We went on over to Duke’s in La Jolla (we took the Range Rover, which I would have taken a picture of, but I was a little hesitant to look like too much of a fan).

I had the opportunity to ask Simon what I always ask people that are more successful than me –

Simon, what’s the secret to life?!”

What a loaded question” he responded back.

And he mentioned a couple things that I could not disclose. Nevertheless, it was a great lunch!

We then hung out at Simon’s place (at this point, food coma to the max, and I was a little bit urgent thinking to myself, man my blog, my business, my 30 days!)

And that was when it all hit me.

I’m over here tripping about what’s been going on these next 30 days, working on doing everything I can to hit the goal, but what I realized was that there’s a BIGGER PICTURE!

It doesn’t really matter whether or not if I hit the goal, like what I mentioned before with that quote Dan Casetta mentioned

The purpose of a goal isn’t to thit the goal. The real purpose is to develop yourself into the type of person who can achieve your goals, regardless of whether you can hit that particular one of not.”

And since this is the case, and examining where I am right now as well as where I want to be (without even yet launching the Facebook Ads Video as well as LinMailPro) I’m extending my goal for another 30 days.

For the case of the blog, I’ll be cutting this particular blog off at 30 days, then checking to see if I can redesign a new part of the blog.

I’m thinking about having “My first 30 days of starting the agency” and another part be just the rest of what I got going on.

Also, I’m looking to include what I would do differently, and an overview of how the first 30 days went!

ANYWAY . . .

Continuing on . . .

We were hanging out at Simon’s house just for a little bit while Joe and Christina ask the both of us to come to church with them the next morning.

We have a great conversation, and wrap up.


My non-filtered mouth blurts out “Can I go see the Ferrari?!” and Christina responds “I was actually about to ask for you!”

Simon was like “Yea man, I’ll be going out to get gas anyway, so you can come with!”

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL” I’m over here squealing to myself.

DISCLAIMER: I was never really such a big car fan, I just thought while I had the opportunity to ask, I might as well GO FOR IT!

Richard Brandson was ringing in my head “GIVE IT A GOOOOOO!”

It’s such a shame WordPress premium doesn’t let you to add videos, so I’ll just show you screenshots of my snapchat and instagram! 😉

Ferrari 1

Ferrari 2

Ferrari 3

Yes, that is me in the reflection. I wanted to do a camera tap on it like I usually do on all my snaps . . . but nah . . . that wouldn’t be too smart!!

I definitely enjoyed my time in the beast.

I just noticed all the people turning their heads to look at the car and me saying

Man, the head turns are real!”

He responds back by saying “Yea man, it really feeds the ego”

And yet again, my unfiltered mouth would say “How big’s the ego?!”

HAHAHA I’m laughing as I’m typing this thinking about how silly of a question I’d be asking. I’m sure at any moment he could have said “Argel, get out of my car!” and had me walk, but fortunately through years of practicing and mastering NLP, we had rapport.

Now I couldn’t tell you guys what he said after that, but it was a great conversation, and a great ride!

I go to set up a base camp, feeling pretty damn inspired about the level of work ethic and energy that Joe, Christina, and Simon all put into their businesses. The ‘things’ are definitely really cool, but they don’t necessarily fill up my cup. What fills up my up was them being really incredible at whatever it is that they do, and they type of human beings and standards that they hold themselves to. Simply, incredible!

. . .

So I take a nap in my car, then set up shop at “The Living Room” coffee shop in La Jolla.

Living Room 2AM

And I simply just put in work.

From 8PM until Close (which was 2AM that night)

I really just took the time to figure out the overall direction of the company, so I mapped out EVERYTHING.

And I literally mean EVERYTHING.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I mapped it out through the RPM method that Tony Robbins teaches (Results Focuses, Purpose Driven, Massive Action Plan) and I wrote it in a way that would INSPIRE ME, not for other people. This is just what would get me fired up.

I also played around a little bit with how to capture emails through opt in sales funnels (which, yes, it’s a little bit of a shame that I wasn’t able to do that just yet)

Zapier ClickfunnelsEmail Opt In

And that pretty much wrapped up my night! (Or technically my morning)

So on this day, here was what I had accomplished:

  • Boosted up my association game by hanging out with Joe, Christina, and Simon by adding value to all of them
  • Mapped out my ENTIRE COMPANY on paper
  • Rode in a Ferrari for the first time in life
  • Integrated Email with ClickFunnels

Life was definitely good that day

What is up and coming:

  • Lock in down on how to perform an effective consultation through Entrepreneur Alliance and Prospecting on Demand (Should be doing one pretty soon!)
  • Create a google slide presentation for dentists and chiropractors
  • LinMailPro

Here are a list of funnel projects in the pipeline:

  • Hailey’s Funnel (Done!)
  • David CPM (90% Done, need to figure out hosting and little tweaks)
  • David IML (Done!)
  • Christina Spa (Done until further notice)
  • Backflow Preventer (Done until further notice)
  • Miro’s 2 T Shirt Funnels (Done until further notice)
  • Miro’s Digital Marketing Agency (Need Miro’s feedback on what I have)
  • Jonathan APR Free (Will follow up with Jonathan soon)
  • My own funnel for Strategic Advantage (DONE)

Things to keep in the back of my mind:

  • Pay Funnels – I will be using this soon once I land a client.
  • UpWork

Eyes on the Prize:

Scaling my Digital Marketing Agency to $10,000 in 30 days.

Yes it’s nearing up, and it may seem impossible, and even if it may or may not be, I’ll be keeping this up here and giving it my all until the time clock hits ZERO.




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