June 25, 2017

The Law of Association is REAL

Started the morning off at C3 Church when Joe and Christina Moffett invited Simon Lovell and I yesterday


Joe also mentioned that if he was there . . . Joe’s REALLY good friends with Russell Brunson’s top affiliate for ClickFunnels, who’s referred over 1,000 plus people to the ClickFunnels software and makes about an additional $40,000 just by being a ClickFunnels Affiliate!

I could use an extra $40,000, that would be nice right about now!

Unfortunately, as they mentioned, I didn’t get to meet the guy because he’s traveling a lot.


I know if I keep going to that service at that time, I’ll eventually meet him!!

I’ll just use one of my best qualities . . . RELENTLESSNESS.

We’ll get to him!

. . .

IMMEDIATELY right after I jetted on over to the Del Mar Plaza where we had lunch with none other than Miss Robin again! This time with the squad!

Robin and the Fam

She’s such an awesome human being. She’s doing whatever she could with all the resourcefulness that she has in order to get us to business mastery, and she knows we’re doing all that we can do to get there.

Plan discussed at lunch could not be discussed to the public, but she definitely has our back!

Finding a way to get out to Business Mastery will definitely be one of the greatest challenges that I’ll be going through, but I know it’s a must, and there’s always a way!

After that, I had a call with Gill, (As noted from Day 22) who helped me develop the edge in my business and gave me a lot of key game changing pointers that will give me the Strategic Advantage and separate myself from other Marketing Agencies.

He mentioned to always give them a 7 day free trial of ads, all they would have to do is pay for the advertisements. ALWAYS. No matter how big the company is, that should be my policy. Always give value up front, and earn their business.

Given this policy, which I completely agree on, I will not be winning the short term game of earning $10,000 in 30 days as planned, but I will be winning the long term game.

He mentioned the person who does Gill’s advertising took the risk to pay out the initial $1,700 for a month’s worth for free, and he earned his business by showing value up front. Gill now has paid the guy over $100,000 cumulative since they first started doing business together all because he took that risk.

One of those calls that changed the course of things.

After the call with Gill, Robin wanted me to send her Gill’s number because she wanted to see if she can broker a deal or some services with Gill to help us front some cash up for business mastery.

Robin gave word back to me, and she definitely mentioned it was definitely a mom and dad dynamic, and he was “really intense”. Robin then gave me some words of affirmation saying “mom always wins”.

Business Mastery is happening!

I was quite exhausted since I spent the night prior planning out until 2AM, and I didn’t fall asleep until 3 where I had to get up at 6AM to make it out to C3 – worth it though.

I printed out this featured photo as seen above, and bought a picture frame.

Like with all great people I come into, I’ll be framing the photo and sending it to her as a reminder of her generosity (Note – a simple action like this will make ANYBODY’S WORLD LIGHT UP, that’s how most of my high level connections have been made!)

I got home, PASSED OUT and crashed (Another note – I definitely have to force myself to sleep a lot earlier, I need it for sure! I do sleep pretty early often, but sometimes it only takes one night to do an all nighter and sleep schedule gets messed up. Still. Worth it.)

Woke up, realized that my cousin (who visited from Chicago) reached out and it was her last day in San Diego before she flies back out.

Spent the rest of the evening with her, and took her and her boyfriend out to the airport.


I didn’t get to work IN the business today, but I did get a perspective of the road ahead and made some executive decisions ON the business.

Although I won’t be hitting the $10,000 in 30 days with THIS strategy that Gill’s implementing, that’s completely okay.

It’s taught me patience, but still working and continuing to hustle as I had been these past couple days.

The hustle and intensity that I’ve brought to the table while going at this 30 day agency thing has definitely taught me a lot about myself.

Now it’s time to readjust the direction, and keep going at it!

Here’s the wrap up of what I’ve done today:

  • Met up with Joe, Christina and Simon at C3 Church (oh, and Marco came along too)
  • Met up with Robin for lunch and to discuss business mastery
  • Had a phone call with Gill to discuss the direction of my business (Man, Simon, Robin, AND GILL all in one day?! Talk about advice from 3 multi-millionaires – what a power packed day!)
  • Hung out with my cousin from Chicago on her last day here in San Diego!

What is up and coming:

  • Lock in down on how to perform an effective consultation through Entrepreneur Alliance and Prospecting on Demand (Should be doing one pretty soon!)
  • Create a google slide presentation for dentists and chiropractors
  • LinMailPro

Here are a list of funnel projects in the pipeline:

  • Hailey’s Funnel (Done!)
  • David CPM (90% Done, need to figure out hosting and little tweaks)
  • David IML (Done!)
  • Christina Spa (Done until further notice)
  • Backflow Preventer (Done until further notice)
  • Miro’s 2 T Shirt Funnels (Done until further notice)
  • Miro’s Digital Marketing Agency (Need Miro’s feedback on what I have)
  • Jonathan APR Free (Will follow up with Jonathan soon)
  • My own funnel for Strategic Advantage (DONE)

Things to keep in the back of my mind:

  • Pay Funnels – I will be using this soon once I land a client.
  • UpWork

Eyes on the Prize:

The prize definitely has changed. I think at the end of the 30 days, I really want to launch my automation systems now – LinMailPro every day has to be a priority, as well as launching the Facebook Ads Campaign.

I think those two items will be the best direction to continue to business forward!

Let’s see how resourceful we can get!



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