June 27, 2017

The last round of logos are here!!

SA 2.png

What do you guys think?! Miro definitely did a good job on this one!

I’m definitely feelin’ it.

Still got a little bit of doubt in that tag line – “Winning Edge”?

My buddy Christian wasn’t too fond of it, but I was thinking it’s not too bad!

Eh, for now, we’ll cut the tag line out, and if anybody asks, I’ll throw that one on there.

I’m thinking it’s a really great logo!

I just need to play around with it a little bit more when it comes time to print out business cards for business mastery.

. . .

Anyway, goals for today:

  • Make a little bit of edits for the Strategic Advantage Funnel (Specifically the email opt in)
  • Figure out this whole LinMailPro thing
  • Call with Marcos to catch up with him

That is what we currently have going on today!

Let’s get to it!

. . .

So I’m a little bit stuck here in the opt in phase for google sheets.

I have not edited the Thank You Page, after somebody submits their information here in this box below:

Contact Info.png

BUT THEEEEEN, right after this gets submitted, the info that was put in then goes to this google sheet . . . but this google sheet is inputting the same thing, as opposed to the information that’s been input!

OptIn Message Sheet.png

Now although the sheet reminds me of how awesome I am, it isn’t working!

We’re going to need to fix that. . .

So after a couple hours of playing with it, I got frustrated and went on to something else.

At least I got the Thank You Page updated.

My buddy Christian mentioned that when people code, there is an unspoken rule amongst developers – When you can’t figure out a problem after 15 minutes, just walk away from the computer and take a breather.

Unfortunately, it took me a couple hours to start walking away . . .

I’ll get this opt in page thing eventually.

. . .

Then I head on over to LinMailPro – I know if I go about using an automated LinkedIn system, I can be well on my way to Automating and Scaling my Business just like the Masterclass from Entrepreneur Alliance

LinkedIn Master Class

So I got on LinMailPro, and this little bug or glitch kept happening to me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 8.21.35 PM

Everytime I click Log In, it doesn’t allow me to log in to the Dashboard of LinMailPro!!

I would get here, but when it comes time for me to auto connect, the option just doesn’t appear.


So after a couple more hours of frustration, I message LinMailPro back for a refund on the extension, and began opening up to other softwares, both mentioned through some of the masterminds in Entrepreneur Alliance and the Prospecting on Demand.

I’ll be looking into that tomorrow.

So by the time I got to my call with Marcos, I had already failed miserably (or found lessons learned, whichever way you’d like to look at it) at trying to get the Strategic Advantage funnel to work, and LinMailPro to work.

“Last night I took an L, but tonight I bounce back” – Big Sean

. . .


Got on a zoom call with my buddy Marcos, and he’s definitely a guy that I’d love to stay in contact with!

I met Marcos also through our mastermind group within Entrepreneur Alliance.

We started our agencies together around the same time, and he’s been off for two weeks in Oregon racing Paragliders.

He’s actually REALLY good, like national levels good. The reason why he went to Oregon in the first place was to compete in nationals, and he won 5th place out of 200+, which is pretty good!

He wanted to hop on a call to check in to see how we were doing, and to his surprise, we got a lot done out here since the two weeks he’s been gone!

A LOOOOT of trial and error, and that’s definitely how it should be.

Definitely love reconnecting!

Here’s what I got accomplished so far:

  • Got the Thank You Page, and failed and getting the opt in page to connect properly
  • Got LinMailPro, and failed at getting that to work properly too
  • Got on the call with Marcos – at least I got the ZOOM CALL to work!!

I’ll take the L for today – and by L I mean Lessons Learned for today!

What is up and coming:

  • Lock in down on how to perform an effective consultation through Entrepreneur Alliance and Prospecting on Demand
  • Create a google slide presentation for dentists and chiropractors

Here are a list of funnel projects in the pipeline:

  • Hailey’s Funnel (Done!)
  • David CPM (90% Done, need to figure out hosting and little tweaks)
  • David IML (Done!)
  • Christina Spa (Done until further notice)
  • Backflow Preventer (Done until further notice)
  • Miro’s 2 T Shirt Funnels (Done until further notice)
  • Miro’s Digital Marketing Agency (Need Miro’s feedback on what I have)
  • Jonathan APR Free (Will follow up with Jonathan soon)
  • My own funnel for Strategic Advantage (DONE)

Things to keep in the back of my mind:

  • Pay Funnels – I will be using this soon once I land a client.
  • UpWork

Eyes on the Prize:

I have four days to set up my automation systems!!

Can I do it?!?!

Let’s give it a go!

Tomorrow we’ll be browsing around for a different LinkedIn Software, and we’ll begin editing the videos once and for all!



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