June 29, 2017


We only got a couple more things to wrap up the first 30 days of this agency here!

Here is what we got planned today:

  • Continue to handle some automated LinkedIn Prospecting with LinkedHelper
  • Record the rest of the Facebook Ads Videos
  • Begin editing for it!

Now knowing what it takes to write script, record for videos, I won’t be underestimating the time it takes to do all of it now.

So let’s begin!

. . .

So with LinkedIn, we were able to connect with a couple more people under the keyword “Chiropractic” AUTOMATICALLY.

Just the thought of having any process in business automated really makes me happy. Especially watching the automated system go while I’m not touching it.

Reeeaaaally cooooool!


I set the system to invite 80 people today then started recording.


Again, unfortunately we can’t watch any videos here on the blog because WordPress free version is kinda whack like that, but it’s all good!

I made the a rookie mistake to go about recording and practicing WITHOUT water to rehydrate myself, and WITHOUT a battery pack.

Stupid mistake.

Now we learn!

Then we got a little bit into editing!

Now I haven’t touched an editing software in forever, but the one I had on my computer was Adobe Premiere Pro!

Adobe Premeire Pro

I didn’t really get too much done because between script writing, practicing what I was going to say and recording, that pretty much took much of my day.

We’re about a quarter of the way done, but we did make progress!

The majority of the day was invested into video recording and practicing, but nevertheless, we make progress!

Here’s what I got accomplished today!

  • Connected with 80 people under the key word “chiropractic” on LinkedIn through LinkedHelper
  • Practiced and recorded the rest of everything I have to do for the agency.
  • Dove a little bit into editing the videos with Adobe Premier Pro

That wraps up day 29 of the agency!

As the 30 days are coming to an end, it’s crazy to look back and see how much I’ve accomplished throughout the last 30 days

AND it’s also just as crazy to think that this is only the beginning!

I think when it comes to the blog, I’m capping this out at 30 days for now, then maybe making a separate category or section for the rest of the updates for Strategic Advantage!

The next post for Day 30 is going to be a recap of everything that came out of the last 30 days, what I’ve done, what I could have done better, did I hit my goal or not, why or why not. That type of stuff.

Although the 30 day blog series is coming to an end, here are some of the check points that we’re looking at targeting for the vision of Strategic Advantage!

  • Updates on when the Facebook Ads for Chiropractors, Medical Spa owners, and Dentists truly launch
  • Checkpoint on when I actually do hit $10,000 in revenue in a month
  • Instagram and cold email marketing
  • New articles written for both Marketing and the Medical Field
  • Any branding updates, business cards, shirts, hats, etc (Miro mentioned he wanted to do a test for a shirt! I didn’t oppose, so I’m totally open to it!)
  • Post Business Mastery, and reconstruction afterwards
  • And many more!

Eyes on the Prize

We’re still looking to see if we can squeeze in both automated ┬ásystems (LinkedIn and Facebook) to get that up and running before tomorrow ends!

Tomorrow, we recap on the entire month!



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