June 30, 2017


The Finale

Day 30 – The recap of the last 30 days!


Please note, if you are a first time visitor on this blog and you HAVE NOT read Days 1-29, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do so. Now. You will get the most out of it, and will get to experience the journey and what it was like from Day 1. Literally.

So if you haven’t seen Days 1-29, head back to the menu and scroll down to Day 1! Or click the link for Day 1 right here!

. . .

It’s a great feeling to be looking back on Day 30, knowing you’ve got a TON established, when 30 days ago you didn’t have jack squat.

Remember this guy over here on Day 1?!

The Office 3

(If you DON’T remember this guy from Day 1, then that means you HAVEN’T STARTED READING FROM DAY 1 YET! If that’s you, go back and read it NOW!)

Yup, fortunately, thanks to Mr. Howard Schultz for creating the now wonderful establishment called Starbucks, we have upgraded from using my friend’s garage (not even MY garage) to working out of Coffee Shops!

Check it out!


I cannot even imagine how much coffee I’ve had within the past 30 days. Worth it.

Anyway, the last 30 days have definitely been an incredible experience for me to see what I am capable of.

The whole idea of “What would happen if I locked myself in, dialed down, and straight FOCUSED on creating something incredible for 30 days? How hard could I work? What could I accomplish? Would I be able to turn nothing into something? If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I even attempt to create?

I believe these are all intelligent questions that are open ended to possibility that if we were to ask ourselves these questions more often, I think the world would have a lot more Howard Schultzs, Elon Musks, Steve Jobs, Albert Einsteins, and Tony Robbins in this world.

On the first of June, I went ahead and set the goal of STARTING AN AGENCY FROM SCRATCH and Scaling the Agency to $10,000 a month in 30 days.

No money, no clients, no legal business, and no real knowledge or experience in the digital marketing industry what so ever.

I got the idea from watching the Master Class in Entrepreneur Alliance recorded by Austin Distel and JR Rivas

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 3.58.39 PM.png

How to Scale Your Agency to $10,000 in 45 Days

And after watching that video, that’s when I thought I would set the goal for $10,000 in 45 days.

To me, that would have equated to 5 clients on a retainer of $2,000 a month, which would have gotten me $10,000.

AND AS A RESULT, with full transparency I can honestly say I didn’t hit my goal.

I actually wasn’t even close – instead of getting 5 clients, I got 2.

Going back through the entire 30 days in retrospect, I know there were some things I could have done differently to make it happen.

The main dilemma that I had, and I can definitely pinpoint it now is I focused much of my time getting everything “officialized” and instead of just getting 5 clients . . .

I got 2 while getting the company website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Plus, Logo Design, Incorporated LLC, and more!

I really did learn how to VALUE MY TIME 10X more because you start to realize that every second that you’re investing working on one thing, you disregard a million others.

Throughout these 30 days, I will also have to admit, I was NOT anti-social. I did have a social life. I did sleep 7+ hours (most days, haha). And I did take care of my health and ate right. I did chores like anybody else would do. I spent quality time with friends and family like everybody else would. All in the midst of the chaos.

If there’s one thing I also realized, it’s that you don’t need to shut off all other activity in doing so.

Which begs the question, “If I didn’t spend as much time with friends, family, chores and shopping, would I have a lot closer to my goal?” – Yes, and I do believe in self care, quality time, and fulfillment by emotionally investing time with friends and family.

“Well Argel, if you didn’t spend all that time typing up that blog, you probably would have made it!” – Yes, and I have also adopted the belief that a life that’s worth living, is definitely also worth recording.

And that’s why we have this blog here right now.

Full transparency. Curtain off. Exactly WHAT I DID each and every day. I believe at the end of the day, at least I can go back to what I’ve done and see where I could have used help in, what would I do differently, and ultimately to use this lesson as an investment for my future endeavors.

. . .


Here is a list of all the softwares and systems that I have used over the last 30 days:     (The ones that actually mattered):


ClickFunnels is the software that allowed me to build all the funnels/sites that I was able to create for my clients.

This definitely would have to have been the bulk of my agency.


Of course, everybody has a Facebook, but does everybody use Facebook to Advertise and earn income from the now 2 Billion users that are on it?

Using Facebook Ads to advertise in this modern day and age is kind of like using a TV commercial that you ONLY PAY IF PEOPLE CLICK ON YOUR AD. Efficiency in ads at its finest.

Entrepreneur Alliance

Entrepreneur Alliance saved my ass in more ways than anybody can think off. YES, the masterclasses are great, AND what’s more important than the masterclasses are the PEOPLE. The connections and online masterminds that were created within the alliance that helped me throughout this journey have been more valuable than anything else.

Special thanks to: Austin Distel, Miro Heyink, John Davie, Owen Lutz, Alex Schlinsky, Marcos Rosenkjer, JR Rivas, Rohan Sheth, Dave Rogenmoser, Chris Hull, JP Morgan, and so many more.

Specific Entrepreneur Alliance Masterclasses that have helped me out a TON are:

How to Scale Your Marketing Agency to $10,000 in 45 Days

Experts Guide to Instagram Marketing

6K Success Course

How to Make Local Facebook Ad Campaigns That Work

Automating and Scaling Your Business with LinkedIn Prospecting (This one is actually inside the vault, no preview)

And many more within the Entrepreneur Alliance Vault!

Prospecting On Demand

Another mastermind group as well as lesson modules that specialize in client acquisition and prospecting methods for Entrepreneurs!

Legal Shield (This one is my friend Jen Amos’s Link, I’m not an affiliate for Legal Shield)

Legal Shield helped me do plenty of different things – First off, get INCORPORATED through their Legal Shield Launch Program

I get unlimited contract reviews and legal advice from business consultants. I honestly believe it’s a pretty good service!


Zoom is the application (similar to FaceTime) where I was able to do video communication with some friends and even screen share to allow others to help me out!


PayPal helped me collect the first couple payments for free


PayFunnels allows you to collect payments instantly over the phone, there is a $30 monthly price though. The great thing about PayFunnels is that you can collect monthly retainers easier as opposed to just billing them, it’s automatically withdrawn.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop

Photo Editing Software


Time tracker. It’s A LOT easier to be productive when you have a BIG OL’ TIME CLOCK RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE (I think this was my secret weapon)

That’s pretty much all the systems and softwares that I’ve been using!

. . .


Although the 30 day blog series of the first stages of the agency is coming to an end, here are some of the check points that we’re looking at targeting for the vision of Strategic Advantage!

  • Updates on when the Facebook Ads for Chiropractors, Medical Spa owners, and Dentists truly launch
  • Checkpoint on when I actually do hit $10,000 in revenue in a month
  • Instagram and cold email marketing
  • New articles written for both Marketing and the Medical Field
  • Any branding updates, business cards, shirts, hats, etc (Miro mentioned he wanted to do a test for a shirt! I didn’t oppose, so I’m totally open to it!)
  • Post Business Mastery, and reconstruction afterwards
  • And many more!

Don’t get it twisted! Just because I’ve only decided to document the first 30 days of the agency, don’t think it’s all over right now.

We’re actually just getting started. Literally.

I’ve definitely learned so much over the last 30 days of just FIGURING IT OUT.

The 30 Day Agency. It has a nice ring to it!

One can’t help but think . . . what else can I do in 30 days?!

So a couple projects that I had in mind that I believe I could do a 30 day blog documentary on are the following below:

  • The 30 Day Dropshipper
  • The 30 Day Real Estate Agent
  • The 30 Day Network Marketer
  • The 30 Day Author
  • The 30 Day Programmer/Coder
  • The 30 Day App Developer
  • The 30 Day Non-Profit
  • The 30 Day PowerLifter
  • The 30 Day Tri-athlete
  • The 30 Day Marathoner
  • The 30 Day Biohacker
  • And so much more!

I really am inspired by the work of Tim Ferriss – “The Human Guinea Pig” not because of all his crazy experiments that he does on himself, but because of his ability to really immerse himself in ONE THING, stay focused, and produce extreme radical results!

I’ve never asked this throughout the course of the blog, but feel free to comment below any ideas on what the next 30 day blog documentary should be on!

Now while I’m still looking to keep the Agency up and running, I do plan on getting to the point (Just like Tim Ferriss mentions in the 4 Hour Work Week) where every task within the agency is delegated, eliminated, or automated – that way I can be “LIBERATED” from the 9-5 (exactly what the book says) and have my passive income, exceed total expenses!

What a dream!

So that pretty much concludes this blog series of the 30 Day Agency!

Congratulations of you’ve stuck with me throughout the entire 30 day journey of me starting this Digital Marketing Agency.

Long live Strategic Advantage Marketing.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more updates on the agency!


-Argel Algura

P.S. Remember – This is only the beginning!



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