How to get the most out of this blog!

If you’re reading this blog right now then you have found me through one form or another.

Whether you’ve heard about this blog through a friend, Facebook, or because of the obnoxious repetition of the tags and rankings, I would personally like to say WELCOME!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to entertain yourself and begin reading this blog.

I just want to open up by saying I was originally debating whether or not I should publish this blog, but I did anyway.

This blog was more so meant to be written FOR ME and BY ME. But I decided to open it up to the public, because why not.

In all cases, I believe in the beginning it’s a bit of a challenge NOT to get self-conscious of what other people think about your thoughts and actions, especially when you’re being transparent and showcasing everything (both business life and personal life) through a blog.

But in this case, I think more so that I had that little inkling feeling of being discomfort in publicizing, it became the exact reason why I knew I had to do it.

. . .

In this blog you’re going to be reading everything that’s been going on throughout an entire 30 day period from when I FIRST decided to start my Digital Marketing Agency, up until now, the time that I’m writing this 30 days later.

This was more so to document the journey of what it took me to start up an agency from scratch with no money, no customers, and no knowledge or experience in the digital marketing industry what so ever – all I really had was the desire to see what I was capable of creating in 30 days!

Now because this blog is only a documentation of a 30 day span of me starting up my marketing agency, that does not mean after the 30 days the agency has ended. It in fact, is only the beginning, and I do intend on growing it.

From a business perspective, starting it with the end in mind, I do intend on keeping it as either a cash cow to continue to generate me income while being able to step away from the operations, OR being able to sell it off in the future.

I just thought it would be incredibly interesting to see what would happen if I stuck with documenting everything for minimum 30 days.

Now, I will admit and be up front about it, I did embed an obnoxious amount of affiliate links to all the programs, systems, and softwares that I utilized throughout the journey.

I just thought because they have all helped me out in some way shape or form, it may help others out as well!

Like any good book, story or movie, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you start IN THE BEGINNING. (Great common sense, right?) With Day 1.

At the time I started the agency, I decided to document and record the 30 day journey parallel to the 30 days of June.

Day 1 started on June 1, Day 2 started on June 2 . . . So on and so forth!

ALSO NOTE – That in the beginning on Day 1, I did set a big, intimidating lofty goal that I knew would stretch me.

Now the important thing is not whether I hit that goal at the end of the 30 days or not, but really the person it made me in the process of working towards that goal.

Follow along the process starting with Day 1 and read it day by day!

If you read it in chronological order, IT WILL MAKE SENSE.

You do not want to end up like the guy in the photo below who did not read it in chronological order.

Hustle Sold Separately

You want to end up like this guy, very happy and entertained knowing that he FOLLOWED INSTRUCTIONS and began reading on Day 1, as mentioned.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Now that guy, looks VERY HAPPY.

Also, as you’re going throughout the blog, you may have a feeling to finish the whole thing.

That would be a really good idea.

If that’s the case, go ahead and bookmark the page, and after you finish reading a day, take a break, and you can come back to it either as you’re eating a meal, during your breaks at work, sitting on the toilet, or even before bed for some night time reading.

Regardless – finish the whole thing!

With all this being said . . .

Go ahead and take a peak of Day 1 of reading this blog, sit back, relax, and ENJOY!



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