Hello and Welcome to the Strategic Advantage Blog!

In this blog I will be documenting my journey as to starting my digital marketing agency.

Starting from day one.

At the time I am writing this I have absolutely no clue how to run a digital marketing agency, little to no experience on the field itself, and actually started officially looking into it a less than one month ago.

In fact, I would like to show you some photos of me in my current office, earlier today while I was just digging into this stuff.

Here we go!

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(Yes, that is me doing a Filipino squat)

As you can see, at this current moment, all I have is a vision, a dream, a laptop, some headphones, and my friends garage!  Not even my own garage!

The purpose of this blog specifically is to track my journey as a digital marketer from day one, and how we I believe anybody can go about turning nothing into something.

The REAL art of what we call . . . manifesting

So if you’re sitting there, reading this right now, I would like to personally invite you to come along with me on this journey of building up my digital marketing agency.

No money, no brand, no clients . . . no problem.

We’ll be pushing the gas pedal until the wheels fall off, so stay tuned!

10:18 AM June 1st, 2017


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